Imparting my knowledge of the flute is one of my great passions, I currently maintain an active flute studio in the East Bay while also offering virtual lessons worldwide. My teaching philosophy is based on encouraging musical curiosity and exploration while also motivating each of my students to set and achieve their own personal goals. Each of my students get individualized and tailored lessons based on their own unique learning style.

I welcome students of all ages and experience levels in my studio!


“A teacher is one who makes themself progressively unnecessary.”

Thomas Carruthers

I subscribe to the school of thought that as flute players we must become well-rounded and informed, this includes having a strong foundation in music theory, musicianship, together with an understanding of musical contexts. I aim to instill healthy practice habits with my students and encourage in them a natural scholarly instinct to investigate and solve their own musical problems. My goal is for the student to discover their inner teacher and artist.

“Your instrument is your body. In this way, your body is like the resonator for a musical instrument. How can we realistically expect to move forward if we don’t have awareness of our bodies and have them tuned for maximum expression?”

Dr. Jerald Schwiebert

Realizing the ability to eliminate tension while playing the flute is fundamental to injury prevention, but it is also the key to expanding one’s capacity for physical and musical expression. I was fortunate to learn from pedagogue Dr. Jerald Schwiebert about body awareness and its relation to flute playing at the Anatomy of Sound Workshop held at the University of Michigan. His teachings have deeply informed my way of playing and many of my colleagues. I highly recommend checking out his book: Physical Expression and the Performing Artist. Having also studied tai chi, yoga, Body Mapping, and Alexander Technique, I hope to draw from my experiences to ensure that my students find in themselves a body that is available to serve and respond to their musical intentions.

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